Hi, the chances are that you met me at some place, and I gave you my card. Welcome!


This is my life story of how God has saved my marriage and family from utter destruction back in 2007 when we came back from Cameroon Africa after serving with one missions organization.


At the age of 35, Christian married man, I thought I was on the right track doing all God "required" me to do. But God's "desire" was that I would become his son. 3R's are the three stages that I've been going through to become the man I meant to be by God's plan and purpose in my life.


Eventually, I would like to write a book about my redemption, restoration and reproduction.


Please be encouraged from my story. There is no one that God cannot change.


In Love,







These are blogs that I've written and I think they will tell you significant events that took place in my journey.


- Before the changes; How I had been - clueless

- One Breakthrough

- Miracles can happen - Connected finally

- The Second Chance - You have it, too.


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