Life as Leader Anointed by God

A. I have fully developed all the talents and potential that God's given to me with devotion, discipline and dedication that I have become a leader in my family, in my profession and in the ministries by helping others to step up as leaders as well.

B. I have fully dedicated my life to my children with the sheer determination that they have grown up as persons rooted in the word of God, who talk to God in prayer constantly and who can choose God's  value over the conveniences that the world may offer.

C. I have had the relationship with God that I have become sensitive to His voice that I have opened up my life to people whom God chose to bring to my life, and that I have accepted them with His love to share what He has done for me in order that healing, restoration and leadership have started in the lives of the people I encountered.


D. My wife agrees on all three points above.



5 Year Plan: 2017 -2022

(updated on April 2017)


Finance Based on Biblical Principles

- Keeping the lifestyle within the budget

- Continuing tithe and giving in as much as we can

- Overall Income Increase ($2K/Month)

- Pursuing the lifestyle with 70% of income

    - 10% Tithe

    - 10% Giving

    - 10% Savings


Family Transformed by God’s Power


- Filling in children’s emotional tank

    - Routine Family Activities

    - Modeling spiritual growth

    - Family Devotion everyday until the first child goes to college.

- Making time for dating my wife

- Sit-down time together every night at least 15 minutes (not for prayer, but just spend time together)



- Irene

- be able to show more affections to UJ

            - be open to new situations/new people

           - be strong in coping with challenges due to food allergy

            - Develop arts skills for the career path

- Ethan

            - growth in confidence and leadership

            - be able to cast visions for his life

            - Develop musical skills for the career path

            - Go to Missions Trip from High School

- UJ

            - have overcome emotional barriers due to Irene and food allergy

  - be able to share her experiences with Irene to impact other families with similar situations   

- Build Solid Career path in teaching ESL

- Stay health in all aspects of life

- Enjoy life



Future-Focused Present

- Keeping up Building/writing more and blog

- More Reading in 2017 (at least 2 books per quarter)

- Keeping up with guys in my life to impact

- Get more involved in Church utilizing special talents given by God

- Get more ideas for writing a book: Dare to Adventure (“I am still called to be a leader”)

- Get more excited about the company's growth and involved in bigger scope of works/projects, with more responsibilities

- Continue to go to La Mision, Baja California with church group

- Launch a small scale business serving clients with my database skills in 2017

How blessed you are, O Israel!
    Who else is like you, a people saved by the Lord?
He is your protecting shield
    and your triumphant sword!
Your enemies will cringe before you,
    and you will stomp on their backs!”

Deut 33:29


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