Since Dec of 2015, with my church team ( I’ve gone to a small city called La Mision in Baja California (1.5 hours south of Tijana) twice a year. In the winter times (December), we visit orphanages and ranches with Christmas gifts, and we throw Christmas parties. Since last year, we built houses for two families in two summers (2017-2018).

This year, I had a chance to share about my time and experiences in La Mision at my work, and my company decided to partner with me to provide groceries for 115 migrant farmers in the ranches we will be visiting in the first weekend of December 2018. To do this, the budget is $3500, and the company leadership already committed $1500, and my co-workers are raising funds right now.

I would like to share this opportunity with you so that you can take a part with me to bless the people we will meet this December.

There is no set amount for donation. I asked $20 to few of my friends, and they were more than glad to team up with me. So it’s really up to you.

You can send a check to my church with “Mexico Impact Dec 2018”, and let me know so that I can have the fund come to the right account, and you can receive tax exempt form next year.

So please email me first if you decide to partner with me for this year’s December trip to La Mision. It will be my honor, and thank you very much in advance.

Or Text me: 714 872 3564


Thank you very much! Ethan/Eun Namkung

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